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About myself

Hi, I am Srinidhi Nagpure, founder and principal designer at The Framework Interiors. With an educational background of computers however with no interest in making it a profession, I came across interior design – all thanks to my husband.
Post graduation, I was a typical confused soul – work wise atleast. It was then that I met my now husband, Kiran who suggested I try my hand at interiors. I enrolled in a Diploma course in Interior Design at INIFD, Deccan and immediately thereafter started working at architectural/design firms.
Post my baby, with a new found zeal, I founded The Framework Interiors in 2016. And since then, slowly but surely, worked on 30+ projects in 6 years.
Apart from designing, I love travelling and experience great food at any given time.

About The Framework Interiors

We, at The Framework Interiors, firmly believe that “good clients will always invest in good materials”.
“Fulfilling client needs” and “no compromise on materials” is our mantra. We have a skilled team of contractors and agencies who put in their best to make our designs come alive on site. With this strong team and a belief in mind, we have handed over 30+ projects and are currently working on 5+ projects in Pune.